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About ES


You're all about CU. We're all about you.

CU’s workforce is working to shape the future of communities, Colorado and the nation.
Employee Services strives to make that workforce stronger, healthier and more secure.

Programs and Services

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Featured Programs and Services

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Book a talk for your department

Supervisors can request a talk on benefits, retirement and more. It's information that will benefit your team for years to come.

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Total Compensation

Total Compensation calculators

Total Compensation:
See how it adds up

Your total compensation goes beyond the number on your paycheck. CU provides generous perks that add to your bottom line.

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Featured Perks


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Reach your financial goals
with no-cost assistance

Register for a one-on-one consultation with a TIAA expert on your campus.


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Stay active, get paid
with the Move program

Earn $25 each month by exercising with the CU Health Plan – Move program.



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A discount that's

music to your ears

Get $25 tickets for most
Colorado Symphony performances.

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